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Sharpie Mugs, Aren't They Cute?!?!?!?!


Sooooo, I was trying to figure out what to make my co-workers for Christmas, and after doing a bit of searching around, I saw these sharpie decorated mugs. They scream "perfect office gift" so I had to do them!!!! and knowing my family, I realized I had to make some for them as well (they get jealous when not included in my craft-giving lol). After reading and watching several tutorials, I had a good idea of what to do, what not to do, and how I was going to put my own spin on it.

Now comes time to purchase the items needed: Sharpie oil paint pens, sticker stencils, mugs, and anything you want to fill the mugs with. I decided on coffee and cocoa.

I knew I wanted to get the mugs from Dollar Tree, but I started out at Walmart to see if I could get everything there. I bought these markers in silver and gold. It came in a pack of two for $5.44. I also bought 2 kinds of sticker stencils: The ones I used for the stand-alone letter are like paper and you can dispose of them (can't find them on their website), and the other etching stencils I used to create the names are reusable. Both cost $2.97 in store. I also purchased some Nestle Tasters Choice Sticks for $3.18 for a pack of 12, and Land o Lakes Cocoa Classics for $0.50 each. I looked at their mugs..... $2.50 each, and I knew I was definitely not buying them there!!!!

So I went to Dollar Tree to purchase the mugs..... boy was that a job!!!! First of all, they were on the top shelf in the back, how am I supposed to reach them??? Then I had to search for ones that weren't chipped.... which resulted in 2 different styles of white mugs, and 2 different styles of red ones. I also bought some Cappuccino Supreme and some regular Swiss Miss with Marshmallows for my little ones. 

I got home, followed this tutorial, and packaged them up cutely. (SN: By the time I got to making the mugs for my family, I was sooooo tired, and I didn't use a stencil to put their names on it, I just wrote it).

Now I get to play Mrs. Clause!!!




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