DIY Tabletop Fire Bowl (Perfect For S'mores)

DIY Tabletop Fire Bowl (Perfect For S'mores)

It's fall yall!!! This is the perfect time for s'mores!! I don't have a fire pit, so I started my search on how I could make one and found the amazing idea of making a tabletop fire bowl. You can find all of the materials and steps below:

Materials needed

Clay pot  

River rocks

Heavy-duty aluminum foil

High heat spray paint (optional)

S'mores sterno

This first step is totally optional. I wanted to paint my pot black so that it would match the other pots in my backyard, so I purchased high heat spray paint that is normally purchased for grills so that it would be safe enough to withstand the heat of the sterno. I painted the entire outside of the pot and the brim of the inside.

Teracotta Planter    painted terracotta planter


I then lined the pot with foil and filled it half-way with river rocks. To judge how much you need to fill, place the sterno inside, and make sure the top lines up with the brim of the pot. 



Next I pulled off about 12 inches of foil, and folded it into a 2-inch strip. This will be used as the holder for the sterno in the pot. I wrapped the foil around the sterno and folded under the bottom. 




The last step is to place the wrapped sternos back into the pot, and fill with rocks. When it's time for s'mores just remove the sterno caps and light them up!!! When you need to change out the sterno you can pull it out and the foil will hold its place, so you won't need to rearrange the rocks.


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