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Grow Your Blog by Hiring A Virtual Assistant

As your blog grows, you may benefit from hiring a virtual assistant. But you might be thinking – why should I hire a virtual assistant?  What do they do? In this post I will cover the benefits of hiring a virtual assistant, and ideas on specific tasks you can outsource. 

Benefits to hiring a VA

First, let’s think about the benefits of hiring a virtual assistant. While some people might think they can do it all… a virtual assistant can take a huge relief off of our shoulders.  Here are just a few benefits:

1. Productivity

Productivity in your business is so important. By hiring a virtual assistant, you can focus on the things that are most important.  Obviously, you want to be focusing on the tasks that are going to bring in more revenue for your particular business.

Of course, the problem is that productivity can become limited if you’re bogged down with other small tasks that are taking up time.  Shift those tasks to a VA, and this allows you to focus on your revenue-generating tasks.

2. Time

By hiring a virtual assistant, you can take back some of your time. You can spend more time with your family or just have more “me” time. Or you can allocate more time on things that matter in your business, instead of rushing around trying to get everything done with the little time you have.

3. Growth

We all want to see growth in our business in the long term. You may be trying to grow your blog to be your primary source of income, or you may be using your blog to establish the know-like-trust factor among a greater number of potential nutrition or fitness clients.

If you hire a virtual assistant and outsource tasks correctly, most of the time you’ll see growth quicker.  It goes back to the productivity factor, where you are able to block out your own limited time for the highest-yielding tasks – while your VA is able to tackle the smaller (but less specialized) to-dos.

4. Peace of mind

Lastly, it can really help just having a peace of mind. Running a blog is hard; being a professional in your industry is hard.  But hiring a VA can…

  • Allow you to relax, knowing that all the little things are being taken care of
  • Reduce your stress level by making work-life balance more manageable

Virtual Assistant Tasks

Now where do you start figuring out what tasks to outsource to a virtual assistant? Well, here’s a few things to get some ideas going…

1. Admin

Virtual assistants can take care of things such as:

  • Checking your email for incoming questions or concerns
  • Responding to blog comments left on various blog posts
  • Moderating posts and comments inside a facebook group
  • Assisting with organizing your schedule

 2. Social Media

You can hire out for things like:

  • Developing an instagram strategy to drive traffic or sales
  • Running facebook ad campaigns
  • Posting on various platforms
  • Interacting in your Facebook groups

 3. Graphic Design

You can hire a virtual assistant to do things such as:

  • Design a logo and other branding
  • Create social media and blog graphics (for example, pin-friendly images)
  • Create PDFs to offer as free downloads
  • Design workbooks, webinar slides, etc
  • Make business cards or flyers to give to clients

 4. Writing

These are just a few things you can hire out for:

  • Writing blog posts based off your ideas
  • Writing pages on your website that represent you well
  • Creating copy for your sales pages
  • Developing product descriptions for products

 4. Strategy

Here are a few things to consider:

  • Assisting you in implementing automation workflows
  • Ideas for next steps in your business to see growth
  • Developing a solid brand strategy to connect with your audience
  • Helping you with a solid marketing strategy to grow your income

 Where to Hire a Virtual Assistant

A freelance Virtual Assistant, like myself, could be just what you need to help you and your business, giving you time to focus on what matters. I’m an extra pair of hands helping to move your business forward.

Schedule a planning meeting so that we can discuss your needs!

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