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What Is A Grant Manager?

Many people are familiar with the term "grant writer" and, for the most part, they understand that role, but they aren't familiar with the responsibilities of a Grant Manager. While it is true that I conduct grant research and write grants, some organizations seek my services to manage the grant AFTER it has been awarded. Some of these responsibilities include: 

Ensuring that The Organization is Run According to Standards 

One of my top responsibilities is making sure the organization is operating according to standards set by its funders and governmental agencies. I ensure that grant money is being spent only on allowable items (this applies to both in-kind and direct grant expenditures) and is being documented properly (i.e., with receipts, contracts, etc.), and also that everyone working on a grant is documenting his/her time and effort for the work performed.

Staying Prepared for Audits/Monitoring

Some funders may require audits/monitoring of the programs they allocate funds to. I assist organizations in making sure that their financial systems and grant deliverables are being processed in a systematic way to where they are always in full compliance with the contracts of their funder. I also assist with gathering the required documentation needed for the funder to conduct the audit.

Suggesting Updates to Policies and Procedures 

Having a good set of policies and procedures in place is the first step in an organization effectively managing their grants. I analyze financial documentation and grant reporting systems, and with this information, I meet with leadership to show them how the practices, policies, and procedures of the organization may or may not be in alignment with the law or with funder regulations. I then work closely with these individuals to make suggestions for improvements over time.

Assisting In Creating Forms, Spreadsheets, and Reports to Track Grant Deliverables

If an organization is interested in returning to a funder for consideration in a future grant cycle, they must show proper documentation of how they have managed the grant that they have already received. I assist organizations with creating forms, spreadsheets, and other reporting tools that track grant activities and timelines against grant deliverables. I also prepare grant tracking calendars and train staff on their deliverables and how to complete reports.  

Additionally, I will create a master binder and virtual folder for each grant that includes the application, contract, and deliverables, any important forms, and follow up reports. Organization is key to efficiently operating and managing grants.

Completing Grant Reports

Sometimes organizations have everything in place for managing their grants, but need the additional hands to take care of the reporting. I can take on the task of gathering all of the information from the financial and deliverable tacking reports, and submit the update to the funder in the appropriate format required. 


If your organization needs assistance with staying on track of managing their grants, please Schedule a planning meeting so that we can discuss the best plan for you!


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